Did Nietzsche read the Bhagavad-Gita?

Probably not. Like the most of us. The philosphy that has made our world is European philosophy. We almost don't know anything about Asian philosophy and there is a lot to learn here.

Nietzsche talks about the Super Ego and about the growth of human posibilities and that's awesome. Unfortunately, he didn't have good experiences with religion and said God was dead.

But what kind of god was Nietzsche talking about? He didn't really understood what God is. Not a lot of people knows what God is.

Bhagavad-Gita is not talking about dogmatism. Every religion is accepted if you understand the meaning of what God is.

"Religion without philosophy is sentimentalism or sometimes fanatism, but philosophy without religion is mental speculation. Last goal is Krsna, because even philosophers who look for the Absolute Truth, finally arrives to Krsna Consciusness." Baghavad-Gita as It Is, chapter 3, Karma-yoga. pg. 57)

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